Wealth Funnel System

The premise of The Wealth Funnel System Two is to develop a virtually 100% Automated process for your home business. By virtue of this automation, you can sign up $1,000 sales without having to cold call prospects or convince them of anything. The web sites Derrick Harper has set up will take care of that for you. This leaves you the time to devote to driving traffic to your web site. What Is At The Core Of The Wealth Funnel System?

What Derrick Harper developed with The Wealth Funnel System.

With more than 12 years of Internet Marketing experience behind him, Derrick Harper has taken all of his knowledge of how to make money online and created a system for anybody to make money online from anywhere in the world.

The Wealth Funnel System Two is a home based business with it’s cornerstone being the education of it’s members. It is this education which provides you with $1,000 sale after $1,000 sale. You will be trained to advertise, promote and earn money.

Probably the biggest reason for the abysmal failure rate in home based businesses is the fact that most people can not communicate effectively with their prospects. This is where having a system in place such as The Wealth Funnel System is essential. And this system shines in this area. They even have a call center so if you are dealing with a prospect and can not answer a specific question you can bring some one from The Wealth Funnel System on the call to answer the question and help close the call. Now there are other systems out there, but none of them actually educate you on how to market or help you to close sales. They just take your money and wish you luck. Not The Wealth Funnel System. This system has been developed by Derrick Harper and other Copy Writing Experts to create a high converting funnel that produces the desired results. There are certain psychological conversion tactics that are necessary for success. Most other systems do not use these tactics. Derrick!

Harper has a background that includes many Fortune 500 companies and he and his experts have used a great deal of resources to make this a truly high converting system. With enrollment with the wealth funnel system two it automatically activates your global resorts network membership and plugs you into their $1000 commission pay outs. Just imagine if you had 10 people working for you making just 2 sales a week at a $1000 each ( because you make a matching $1000 on your employee’s sales as well.) Think what that would amount to?

Make Your Home Business Work

The biggest reason I’m where I’m at right now is the fact that I have a website that is “Proven” and thoroughly “Researched” with home business opportunities for people looking to work from home. I was able to find a great mentor who believes in the same things I do. In this business it’s important to be truthful and not sell something on your website that scams people. A lot of the things I offer on my site are based on information. I do sell some home income opportunities; I’m belong to a few of them myself so no one can tell me they don’t work.

Once you have something you can offer someone you need to get people to your website. I’ve found advertising to be even harder than getting my website built and off the ground. Granted, I tweak my website almost once a week, but advertising keeps me very busy everyday. One of the biggest elements of learning advertising is constant work. Everyday I work on advertising even if I don’t see immediate results. As a matter of fact I hardly see immediate results. Usually it takes weeks and sometimes months to see results.

One of the main reasons people give up in this business is because they are looking for instant gratification and quick money in their pockets. I’m here to tell you that will not cut it. Tons of people are looking to make money from home and if it was easy everyone would be doing it. I’ve been at this for six months and I’m finally seeing some very positive results. I was able to get over that hump where I was spending more money than I made; for a lot of people this is the cut-off point. The ones who are successful in this business are tenacious and believe in their abilities.

Back to advertising, in order to make money in this business you have to do a lot of advertising. Advertising on Google Adwords is very tough and competitive; don’t give up, I didn’t and now I’m getting some pretty descent results. Also be sure to use a variety of different ways to advertise. I have a buddy who just started a rug business. He’s in the beginning stages, but I’m worried for him. He has a website and numerous people he knows who can spread the word for him. The problem he will face is advertising his business. With the internet playing a huge role in the advertising world, it’s almost impossible to beat out your competitors if you don’t know how to advertise on the net.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand on your home business remember to always have fun. It’s tough out there and if you’re not willing to have fun and work hard you will never make it. Even though you’re working from home it’s still hard work; I know a lot of people who just started to try and work from home and are very miserable because they thought it would be a cake-walk. Listen, it’s called “work from home” for a reason. The great thing about it is once you become successful you won’t have to work as hard. Bust you’re your butt and you will be REWARDED!!!!

Turning Your Home Business Into Home Office

In a troubled economic condition wherein many people are losing their jobs, many have opted for self-employment. This has become a reliable prospect knowing that many people have also experienced financial success with work from home businesses. There are several benefits and yet the earning potential is quite promising as well.

If you are one of these people, then you might want to consider making your home business legitimate with the establishment of your home office. Home business owners might fail to give this priority, especially if they start to enjoy the cost savings entailed with working from. However, creating a home office will offer added benefits for your business.

Your Professional Image

If you intend to make your home business grow, then it only makes sense to set up a home office. You will be able to establish a professional image behind your business that will convince your clients to do more business with you in the future.

Moreover, your home office will serve as the best place where you could hold professional meetings with your client if they wish to discuss business with you or entertain potential customers. Indeed, image plays such a vital role in every form of business as it increases the client’s confidence in your ability to deliver work. This is your first opportunity at impressing them.

Separation From Home Life

Most individuals who are self-employed or work from home are easily distracted in their work with activities at home. Therefore, several tasks are put off and you fail to deliver work on time. Setting up your home office will build that separation from your home life. Although at home, you can still attend to your work from your home office, free of any form of distraction. And yet, when emergencies come up, you’d still be easy to contact.

The idea here is not entirely to separate yourself from family. However, it helps to create a boundary and let the members of your family know that even though you are at home, you need to attend to work and must be freed off any distraction. Make sure you inform them of your working schedule so they won’t be disturbing you during those hours. This is also one reason why you should opt for a separate room in the house to convert as your home office. This creates the necessary separation from work and home life.

Business Growth

With a home office, you are able to open up opportunities for expanding your business and its reach. In a professional setting, there are people assigned to work for a certain aspect of your business. Hence, companies hire people to attend to human resource, technical support, finance, and some other important departments. But with home businesses, especially starting ones, deciding whether to hire employees is a tricky one. There are compensation and insurance coverage that you need to take care of. And yet, you cannot fail to consider the benefits of having employees working for your home business and its success.


This is probably the most obvious reason as to why you should legitimize your home business by setting up a home office. You can get savings in your time, energy, and effort. Moreover, you have one specific area in your house that is designed for the purpose of doing business. Here, you can have all the materials and furniture you need to make doing work convenient. And if you want to step out of the pressure-filled world of your work life, then stepping out to your home life is literally a few steps away.